About Us & FAQ

What is epubxpress.com?

epubxpress.com is a website about computer technology, digital products for download, and free ebooks. We are dedicated to providing useful information, tools, videos, articles, news, product reviews & more. This website was developed by knowledgeable individuals that have an in-depth understanding of the computer technology field.

Why choose us over other websites about computer technology?

We provide overall information on many different types of technology products including smartphones , tablets & laptops . Our readers also appreciate the fact that we publish technical specifications for each item so they know what to expect before making their purchase. Furthermore, our product reviews are extremely thorough so consumers can determine which specific computer product will be right for them.

What services does epubxpress.com offer?

As a consumer, you have the option to buy new or used products from us as well as read our wealth of information about computing technology. Furthermore, we publish weekly blogs and daily news articles that will keep you up-to-date on all the latest information about computer parts, software & more! As a publisher, you can submit your ads or press releases to increase online visibility for your business or website. If you have any inquiries please feel free to contact us anytime!

In short what is it? epubxpress . com is an informative website about Computing Technology as well as Computer Hardware and Software. We accomplish this with product reviews , detailed specifications , technical comparisons , and current news . We provide information on all of the latest hardware and software, along with educational material that will help you understand the technology behind it. epubxpress . com also provides a platform for publishers to reach new readers by advertising their company or website.

How is epubxpress.com different than other websites about computer technology?

The main difference is our expertise in the industry. As mentioned above, our staff has extensive knowledge on computing technology which sets us apart from competitors. Furthermore, if you want detailed specifications before making your purchase , we are your best choice! With each product review published on this site, we include detailed technical specs so you know exactly what you’re getting into before dropping your hard-earned cash. We also publish reviews and comparisons to help customers like you make educated decisions before settling on a specific PC or laptop.

What does epubxpress.com offer as a publisher? How is this different from other publishers?

epubxpress.com provides advertising space for local businesses, website owners, entrepreneurs & more! Our cost-effective rates are meant for small-medium sized companies looking to increase their customer reach without breaking the bank. You can receive increased traffic to your site or store with banner ads , text ads , skyscraper ads , coupon codes , social media widgets & more! Simply send us an email with your banner ad images (and any relevant links) along with payment info if needed. We are here 24 / 7 ready to help your business reach new customers! Doesn’t get any easier than that!