Fixed a bug that did not display desktop icons.


Recent versions of Windows 10, including the next version of the Fall Creators Update, have a bug affecting desktop icon movement.

If you try to move the icon to the same side as it is on the desktop, note that when you drag it, it willreturns to its original position.

It definitely always happens, idea, but it’s annoying when it happens. Essentially, this means that it is difficult to reorder icons on the Windows 10 desktop and place people icons on the left side of the desktop.

How do I restore my icons back to normal?

The first option you usually have is the option to enable “Align all icons to grid” which will take care of this. Right-click an empty area on your computer screen and choose View > Snap To Grid to activate the main feature. You can repeat the process again to disable it in the future.

This supports native download return icon, but may show significant discrepancies between files and shortcuts.

Although there is no way to override icon spaces in certain Windows 10 settings, you can change each space using the Windows Registry:

  1. Press the Windows key, type regedit.and exe press Enter to launch the Windows Registry Editor.
  2. Accept the UAC prompt that appears.
  3. Go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop\WindowMetrics.
  4. IconSpacing describes the horizontal distance. The default is usually -1725 and you can set an intermediate value between -800 and -2730. By default Windows in 8.1 the best value is -1125 which means the icons were closer to the horizontal.
  5. IconVerticalSpacing sets the vertical spacing between them. The default setting is also usually -1725 and requires the same minimum maximum views as IconSpacing.

Please note that you will need to restart or close your computer and restart Process Explorer to see the changes.Deskmodder

The team found a new way to avoid the icon sway issue when switching to the Windows 10 desktop.Found

You’ve done this, a lot depends on where the particular mouse cursor is when drawing the characters. If you place the leftmost PC cursor with the login character when the system starts dragging, you will find that moving the character more often does more good. You:

Do you now see these issues when moving Windows 10 types?

Find out how to the annoying “icon bouncing” issue in Windows 10 when you drag desktop icons to the left edge of the screen.


If anyone is having trouble moving or arranging icons on their Windows 10 desktop after a reboot, then you’ve come to the right place as this post will tell you how to fix the issue. You can read the post this one MiniTool writes to get the methods.

Notice what the two blue symbols on the icons mean? Do customers know how to remove two fruit arrow symbols? You can get answers in this post.Desktop Famous

How do I fix the icons on my computer?

Worldwide computer display is abnormal, the image is unknown or becomes a specific third-party software icon, or a new icon can be seen, not visibleya, how to solve? Here is the most literally simple solution. See below for details:

Here is the answer with the three security agent restore function. First we need an Android download to get 360 Health Guard. Once installed, open 360 Security Shield and click on Manual Maintenance as shown in the image below:

In the pop-up interface of the 360 ​​service guide, search for “Error” “Computer – “Abnormal icon display”, as shown in the following image need:

When select repair. If the new character is not known here or the template is not displayed, select it, as shown in the picture. You

If you’re not sure which solution to choose, be sure to click Open to see the current troubleshooting content. You can see that this is fixing the desktop icon to become an unknown icon or third party software. An icon that only has text and no picture. We need it. Click Fix!


The repair time is approximately one minute. Usually, when the repair is completed, the systemDisplays the command line. When you have completely solved the problem, just click “Solved”.

The system will also display a speech congratulating you on solving your computer problem.

The above is most desktop icons, abnormal icons, anonymous icons, or incomplete solution display, surgical treatment is very simple, did we recognize this article? I hope I help!

I can basic

program name:
360 Safety Guard 10 Windows Special Style v10.0.0.1016 Preemptive Experience Version
Software size:
69.0 MB
Update time:
2014-10-11Download now

Accidental settings changes, Trojan horse infections, malicious windows and component windows can be serious causes of disappearing desktop icons. Typically, the type of underlying software referenced by shortcut icons can still be opened after the user has navigated to the appropriate folder. Fixing the “desktop not showing” for icons usually requires only minor changes to the system ringtone settings, although usersThe players also have some very convoluted solutions for emergencies, small ones when games just don’t help. p>

Reappearing Characters Causing Any Type To Disappear

Users are so accustomed to easy access to applications that they can now forget that these icons are just optional shortcuts. Their disappearance may be due to various problems, most of which are dangerous for the PC. As with similar troubleshooting scenarios, these people should just try to find a solution before moving on to others, if any.

Initially, setting changes did not result in the need to fix “appearing on desktop icons”. Right-click the desktop, select View, and make sure Show in Desktop Area Icons is checked. After that, right-click again and select “Customize, Checked by Theme” from the left of the selection. On the right side of the Recovery window, there is a set of desktop icon settings to manage all the standardshortcuts such as “Recycle Bin” and even “Control Panel”. same, Checking them again should make your systems visible.

Windows may not save all changes immediately. Similarly, conflicts in software can cause problems with displaying icons. The easiest way to “refresh” on the laptop icon is to restart the “explorer.exe file” in the task manager under the “windows process” subsection. Right-click Windows Microsoft Explorer (which uses a single icon) and continue by clicking Restart.

Revert To Make Icons Harder To Restore

What do the icons on my WiFi analyzer screen mean?

Most users can resolve their known desktop issues with the solutions above. However, in some scenarios, the symbol cache may be corrupted. Windows users can effectively restore the cache by deleting files – check the regular version of Windows for the corresponding files. For example, in Windows 10, all computer files starting with “Iconcache” and ending with the user’s location “\users\\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Explorer” are usually part of the cache icons However, since Windows Explorer uses these videos, to remove them, you must temporarily close it using the “End” task instead of “Restart” as in any previous solution.

The lack of interior insulation icons is usually not a problem. Missing files, icons, folders, and data can be symptoms of severe hard drive damage. Users who suspect this cause should turn off the system and contact a specialist who will simply fix it.

How to change the windows-10 desktop icon size?

How do I restore my desktop icon positions?

How do I fix my desktop icons?

Right-click on a nice empty space on your desktop.
In the tree menu, click the View option to expand the options.
Make sure “Show desktop icons” is checked.
Your icon should immediately reappear.