Best Solution to Run Chkdsk Due to Blue Screen

This article provides workarounds to resolve or even Prompt Dossier the error that occurs when you try to use alternative personal credentials to connect to other types of network shares.

Applies to: Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1, Windows 7 KB 1
original number: 938120


  • You have a Windows computer.
  • There are several shared network resources on the server controller.
  • These user credentials are used to connect to one of the network shares. Then try using different user certificates to connect to another mainframe share.
  • The specified folder array can currently have an alternate username and password associated with it. To connect with a different username and security password, first disable any existing associations that might use this network.

    If you select OK in response to an error message, you willread the following error message:

    Multiple connections to a server or hosted resource by the same user using more than one username are not allowed. Disconnect all previous connections to the shared or bioserver and try again.


    Tool 1

    Use the public IP address of the server if you are trying to remotely connect to all network resources2.


    Bypass A Different DNS Alias (domain System) For The Frequently Remote Server, And Then Use The Alias For The Connection Share To Connect To.

    After Using One Of These Methods, You Can Use Someone Else’s Credentials To Connect To A Network Share. In This Case, The Device Behaves As It Is Intended For You To Help You Connect To Another Server.

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  • You Should Read These Troubleshooting Tactics When You Learn How Chkdsk Produces A Splash Screen Blue Screen. Insert Your Windows Installation DVD. Turn On The puter. When The Message “Press A Specific CD-to-DVD Critical Boot Point…” Appears, Click Something Important Or “Repair Click Computer”. Select Your Operational And Personal Role, Click Next. Select Command Prompt. After Running Chkdsk Audience Command Prompt, Type /f: /r.

    Microsoft Detected Malware In The Latest 20H2 Build Of 10 Components. Several Users Have Reported That Their Or PC’s Entire Screen Becomes A Pop-up Window When They Run The CHKDSK Utility To Fix File System Inconsistencies On Windows Hard Drive Partitions.

    It Is Common For You To Encounter A Blue Screen Of Death (BSOD) Error On Your Computer, Which Is No Doubt Caused By A Worn Out Or Damaged Hard Drive. Using The Command Line Utility And Chkdsk Without The Recommended /f Issues To Troubleshoot The Hard Drive (HDD Or SSD) Installed In The System. The Chkdsk Command Checks The Volume’s Automatic File System Metadata, Logical Errors, And/or Manuals.

    However, Based On The Latest Considerations ReportedAnd 10 Windows Users, This Latest Version Of The Guide Will Likely Corrupt The File System Of Such Windows Disk Partitions And Cause A Single Blue Screen Error The First Time You Reboot After The Installation Steps. Completed. CHKDSK. Problems,

    Common Windows Users Experience When Updating Windows 10

    Windows 10 Users Have Encountered The Blue Screen Error In A Variety Of Situations. Here Are Some Of My Examples:

    An HP Laptop Has Another 20H2 Installed. It Worked Fine, Unfortunately It Worked After The First Error 0xC1900101. I’ve Tried Resets, Various Clean Reboots, Grueling Drivers, And Changing The System System, All To No Avail. Then I Tried To Install CHKDSK To Plan For The Error. This Dream Allows Me Maybe, But The Worst Has Happened. My Screen Turned Blue During The Scan, Even Though Chkdsk And On “page_fault_in_nonpaged_area” Were Displayed On The LCD Screen. How Can I Solve This Problem Of My Process?

    I Run A Clean Chkdsk To /f/r To Fix System Drive Errors. I Am Using Windows 10 (OS 20h2 Build 19042. Installed 630) On 1 TB With NTFS SSD Partitions. Prior To Running My Chkdsk, The System Was Losing A Blue Screen Loop. How To Solve This Problem? Help Would Be Greatly Appreciated!

  • This Serious Issue Has Been Discovered In The Market And Primarily Affects SSDs. This Problem Also Affected The Virtual Machine (virtual Machine) With Hard Disk Management.
  • This Bug Appears To Be Caused By A Merger Of The Ten Windows Build Changes KB4592438 And KB4586853.
  • Recovery Before Fixing Windows 10 Blue Screen Error CHKDSK

    If your system displays a blue screen by mistake, you may have forgotten to access your technologies and all the data they contain. If your bandwidth is important to us, the team suggests restoring it with reliable data recovery software such as Stellar or Data Recovery Professional. This homemade personal information recovery tool can extract all kinds of data from Windows PC, laptop and external storage devices such as SSD, USB flash drive and SD card. SupportsRestoring from formatted, corrupted, or password-protected devices. In addition, the data can also be efficiently recovered without including a bootable or corrupted Windows system. Watch the video below to learn how to get statistics on laptop computers that won’t start.

    How To Fix Windows 10 Update Error To Get Rid Of Blue Screen Error?

    Method 1: Run Chkdsk Console From Recovery

    Microsoft anticipated this issue in support sheets KB4592438 and KB4586853, along with a specific workaround for this issue. You can troubleshoot each of the more serious products that are currently experiencing the CHKDSK Blue Movie Screen Type 10 error on Windows.

    According to each of our Microsoft, until your device boots and time stops every time you try to run you chkdsk, you can try all the previous steps.

    Single. If you encounter multiple boot errors while accessing the Recovery Console, under Advanced, select Troubleshoot Options > Advanced Paces. Parameters”.

    included. Once the command is clear, it will open a command prompt window, Chkdsk type: /f and just press Enter. (see image 1)

    d. Let the process run the scan, when done exit Microsoft, from

    Depending on the current device, it should start normally. After rebooting the device, select “Exit” directly in the recovery console to continue working with windows 10.

    Note. After this process completes successfully, the system may automatically restart CHKDSK when the computer restarts. The device should boot correctly.

    To Uninstall A Problematic Windows 10 Update:

    You can also try to fix the exact error by removing the problematic update for ten windows. Check if you can boot into Safe Mode by following these steps:

    one. Open System Preferences, select Update to & Windows security > Update to.

    d. Now it’s problematic to find the exact Windows update, right click it and uninstall it if you want. Image (see 3)

    i.e. GDone, reboot the first system once and when all the errors are fixed.Thoughts


    Since Microsoft is currently unable to find any patches or fixes, it has been confirmed that several people are having problems with the latest installation of Windows 10 20H2 in general. The best way to avoid a number of bugs with your function is not to define it. However, if you added them after updating the device, someone could use the command line tool displayed in the Recovery Console to view the problem or uninstall the Windows 10 update.