System Restore cannot protect your computer. start again

Press the key and “windows” type cmd.
Right-click “Command Prompt” and check “Run as administrator”.
Type sfc /scannow into this special command prompt window and the new “Enter” prompt to run a full scan of the device.

In every computer, many parts can be easily read and identified. These aspects are important to the execution, and the tools have a significant impact on productivity. You don’t need this if you want to be a computer authority, if you want to learn the basics of what parts of a device look like and what they can be.

1. Motherboard

How to Check Windows files for corruption?

Click Start.
In any cmd enter the search string.
Right click on cmd Choose.and exe select “Run as administrator”.
When prompted by User Account Control (UAC), click Yes.
In the command window, type sfc /scannow and press enter.
The File Check utility checks Windows system files for integrity and processes them if necessary.

The motherboard is a great component of a computer because it is the central part to which everything else connects. The motherboard could well be described as a large printed circuit board that allows other elements to interact with each other.It offers connectors facing the PC case on the other side, so you can easily connect a load monitor, your own computer or PC. It also has extension slots so you can install other accessories if you need ports and go for it. Here you will get detailed microbit lessons and you also need to buy on the spot

2. Power Supply

This is a device that powers other PC mechanisms. it is usually associated with this motherboard. You can choose between fan header, De (desktop) and battery life (laptop).

3. Input And Output Devices

Depending on your computer, different devices may be associated with personal information sent to or from it. Common input devices include computer mice (laptops and touchpads) and webcams, while ergonomic desktop keyboards include printers, monitors, and speakers. Removable SD cards and flash drives are also used to transfer PC knowledge between. For more information visit

4.Central (processor)

The processor is the brain of the PC because it works the hardest. The processor does everything for the necessary computing system, and also varies in speed. It generates heat and therefore the computer, the player is installed on the PC. For demanding computing tasks or tasks that require software encoding, various software or high-definition video, more powerful processors are required.

5. RAM War (RAM)

Aries has always had a short-term memory. When you open Microsoft Word, the computer stores memory in it, and when you close the window, the memory is freed. more The more RAM you have on your PC, the more solutions you can run even on time.

6. Disk/Hard Drive

Because SSD RAM is short-lived, your computer system needs space to store data indefinitely. This is a hard take. It has many rotating plates with a rotating arm that records data. Hard drives are slow and replace faster than hard drives Hard drives or SD cards with SD card readers that consist of flash memory (such as display devices or smartphones). hard drives Both drives are available in different sizes – different for different needs.

7. Map

Video cards process output frames of the current one at a time. They have their own RAM designed to perform these functions. You can purchase several two types of video cards with different capacities, performance and prices. GPU prices are very high in today’s market, so if you’re interested in building your own PC, this part can be very expensive, but if you really need it, look for financing options such as no-registration loans so that everyone can finance purchases.

8. Optical Drives

How to fix corrupt files in command prompt?

Type cmd in the search box and/or click “Run as administrator” to open an elevated command prompt window.When
Open command prompt will open, type the following command and press Enter Sfc: /scannow.
Do not close the command line to interrupt the recovery process.

These are less common than in the past, many machines still have optical drives for reading DVDs or CDs. These items can be used to watch movies, listen to music, copy information to a blank or disc for installation whendisk space?For

How do I fix Windows bootloader?

Start the system in the market from the installation media of the version of Windows that you launched
select Next > Repair Your Computer on the Install Windows screen.
On the “Select Screen” screen, select the type of “SetTroubleshooting”.
On the Advanced Options screen, select Startup Repair.

Hello! A beginner’s guide to the basics of a computer and some of its features. The world that is constantly evolving thanks to computers is a kind of sci-fi theme of the infinite universe, it can be quite difficult for a beginner and these days to understand computers.

But thankfully, thanks to good standards, those with the basics have stayed much the same. But what are the routine parts of a computer – details and appearance? Let’s explore many of them in this guide and then find out!



Inside this box are all the main components of a computer: motherboard, processor, memory, drives, hard pesky power supply and more. Computer mounts come in many shapes and capacities, the most common being wind turbine tower shrouds (as above), small hand-sized structural elements.c

How do I repair my Windows 10 operating system?

Open the Windows Advanced Boot Options menu in 10.reboot
After Computer, select Troubleshoot.
And then you mustClick on Advanced options.
Click Startup Repair.
Follow step 1 directly from the previous method to enable Windows 10 advanced boot options menu.
Click System Restore.

But given current scientific evidence, it is unlikelythat such cases become functional on a single device: all-in-ones, PCs, tablets and mobile devices are just some of the good examples.

P.S. If you’ve read most of the other guides on the web, some people refer to this box as the “CPU” block (central). This went wrong and was a big mess for a long time – the CPU is actually an internal intrusion into the case itself.


I don’t think so many explanations are needed because your organization reads one of them unmistakably. 🙂 Text, images and videos are displayed on the screens. Some screens may even include built-in speakers like TVs.

Older and older forms of computer monitors use a technology called a cathode ray tube (CRT). As you can imagine, these unsightly, power-hungry displays have been completely replaced by thin and liquid crystal light displays (LCDs) and LEDs (light emitting diodes for bright displays).

3) KEYBOARD For Ezah=”250″

Used to enter dates, words, numbers and symbols c. Depending on your culture, the keyboard layout may vary slightly. The most popular common layout is QWERTZ, keys, but there are other styles such as QWERTZ and AZERTY.

Does SFC Scannow fix anything?

SFC /scannow works on all protected system files and replaces corrupted cached files with a message located in the %WinDir%\System32\dllcache compressed folder at.

How do I fix a corrupted Windows?

Use the SFC application. 1.1 You tool runs system file checks.
Use the DISM tool.
Run SFC scan in safe mode.correct
Run an SFC scan before booting Windows 10.
Overwrite the files manually. You
use the System Recovery feature type.
Reset Broken Windows 10 Drive

How do I repair my Windows 10 operating system?

Navigate to Current Windows 10 Advanced Boot Options.
Once your computer boots up, you select “Troubleshoot”.
And then you just need to select the additional options you need.
Click Startup Repair.
Follow step 1 of the previous method to display the Windows 10 boot advanced options menu.
Click System Restore.